Take Five with Dave Caserio

I knew of Dave Caserio before I met him last summer, the two of us featured writers for a multi-discipline art project in my hometown of Billings, Montana. A longtime fixture among respected Montana artists, Caserio’s voice is lauded by friends and fellow artists. Not only is his poetry epic in scale and sound, it is epic in the temporal sense. Says Martin Farawell of the Dodge Foundation Poetry Festival, “The far-ranging inclusiveness of these poems is part of their maker’s attempt to use the full range of experience and perception, to be spontaneous and disciplined, personal and universal, emotional and intellectual, visceral and spiritual, to fully acknowledge and use our innocence and experience.”

Caserio also habitually incorporates talented musicians into his sets, staging the atmosphere of his spoken word offerings as a set designer might for a Broadway musical. Introducing Dave to Easy Street’s readers is a great joy. One can glean completely different experiences hearing Caserio read than one does from sitting in a quiet room to digest his first poetry collection, This Vanishing.

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